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Working Families of King County

Mission: Working Families of King County’s mission is to help recruit, train, elect and support conservative candidates for local and state elected office. We seek candidates from all walks of life and ethnic communities who share the belief that effective, efficient and fiscally conservative governance is beneficial to all citizens.

History Working Families of King County was established in 2016 by a group of concerned citizens who wanted to see a new direction in the area governments. We were focused in particular on the cities and legislative districts within King County. Our vision is to help recruite highly qualified candidates for office who understand the citizens are not just a bank account to fund every new social experiment that city councils and the legislature are pressured by special interest groups to authorize.

We seek to work with canddiates who believe, as we do, that taxes should be levied only for the purpose of supporting government programs that make sense and are supported by a majority of the citizens. We believe governments should live within their means and structure their budgets accordingly. Excessive spending for perks and benefits for elected officials are generally not in the best interests of the citizens.

Since 2016 we have supported the campaigns of several candidates for city, county and state office. We have not always been successful because we are working within an area that has been controlled by one party for so long conservative candidates are at a significant disadvantage. That is why they need our help to guide them through the process of running for office and to provide them with resources that are not otherwise available.

Please help us with our current Project to win the majority in the cities in King County for the conservatives!!

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